It all seemed perfectly normal – so normal, in fact, that you couldn’t even think of it in your mind as a moment. It just was; sitting in a coffee shop, alone, is hardly a remarkable event. You may have been waiting for a friend, reading a book, or just spending some time alone – thinking nothing of it.

And, in a flash of blinding white light, your whole life changed.

The world is changing like it never has before. You hear stories of strange creatures attacking people in rural areas, power surges and blackouts in nearby cities, record numbers of missing people. The information is a trickle in the first few days, but within weeks the world has plunged into chaos. Horrible monsters prowl city streets, whole cities are engulfed in blue flames, and the land begins to turn to black ash all around the world. The priests and holy men call it the End of Days; scientists call it a catastrophic anomaly as they desperately search for answers; politicians and world leaders retreat into compounds and go silent; the common people barricade themselves within their homes, hoping not to be found.

The chaos is rising, and there is only one salvation: you.

A Bleeding Earth takes place in a mirror of the modern world – it has the same technology and history as ours, though the names and geography are different. You start in the city of Illyria, capital of the powerful nation Erutia – which, coincidentally, is very much like New York in the US. As the game starts, the world undergoes a cataclysmic event in which monsters and other terrible creatures and horrors slowly find their way to our world. They seem to be immune to bullets and heavy artillery, and some people have begun to believe that they are simply immune to pain or injury. The world falls into panic.

You, a perfectly normal person, find that you have the ability to hurt the creatures. With powers you can’t explain, you begin to conjure swords from thin air, learn archery overnight, and even shoot fire from your fingers. Whether it be a blessing or a curse is a mystery – all you know is that you are one of the incredibly few people who are able to fight back against the rising chaos. What you choose to do now is completely up to you.

A Bleeding Earth